Vanessa Nahoul


Vanessa Nahoul Serio is a Mexican-born of Lebanese descent artist,
who lives and works in Mexico City.

She conceives colors and shapes as sacred ways to express the depth and essence of the soul allowing communication between artist and viewer, through a spiritual and intimate way, though more universal.

She also wishes to express the ability of the human soul to transform through feelings, with colors, lines, and shapes.

She is the author of the following painting series:

"Introspección", "Rumbos Cromáticos", "Pasajes Oníricos", "Encuentros", "Los Emigrantes de la mirada", "Rincones Sagrados del Corazón", "Variaciones sobre los Emigrantes de la mirada" "Sueños y Reminiscencias en el Paraíso I y II" and “Armonía del Universo y Plenitud de la Desnudez”.

Vanessa began her studies in 1991 at the Contemporary Art Studio Gilda Solis, who is a painter and sculptor. She later studied at the San Carlos Academy, for three years with Javier Anzures. After that, she entered the National School of Fine Arts with Luis Nishizawa from 1997-1999 and Aureliano Sanchez’ Drawing Workshop from 1998 to 2002. She has a degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Psychology Communication and a Masters and a Ph.D. and two Psychoanalysis specialties at the Instituto de Investigación en Psicología Clínica y Social to which she belongs, which has allowed her to understand human nature better.

Her work appeared in the 2012 Fulcrum magazine dedicated to arts, published by the School of Lancaster, as well as in Vol. VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII of the International Contemporary Masters book, published by World Wide Art Books, United States. Also in the  Important Artists of the World book, and in Current Master. She published the book "Psicología Psicoanalítica del Arte" (2008) and co-wrote it with Dr. Jose de Jesus Gonzalez Nunez, published by Manual Moderno.

Her work has been exhibited individually several times in Mexico City. She belongs to the plastic artists "10 Arte en Movimiento" founded by  Gilda Solis in Mexico City with whom she has various group exhibits, in places such as Prague, Czech Republic, for two consecutive years, and in Chicago as well. They've exposed several times using  International Women's Day as the central theme in Mexico City.

Her exhibitions also had been shown in group shows in Oaxaca, Mexico, in the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy (2011), Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Miami (USA) Prague (Czech Republic), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Paris (France). She is part of the artists of the Art Fusion Galleries in Miami, USA, where she exhibited at "Passion and Allure" in July 2015 and the "Fusion XII: Infused" exhibition during the of Art Basel season in Miami:  inaugurated on October the 10th in 2015.