Vanessa Nahoul


 “Art is memory that lasts in the time”
(Nahoul, 2012).

"The human being has the need for art, because it gives people the opportunity to change from their inside and take it to the outside". 

"I believe that art provides a way of seeing, feeling, knowing and transforming the world we live in. It's the brackets we have in a violent and complicated world. Making art or contemplating it dignifies us as human beings, is one of the activities that in a chaotic world as we live in, gives us the opportunity to reorganize us as people."

Art shows us who we are as human beings and who we can become if we fully develop. Through an artwork, we establish a meaningful dialogue with another one; we take a look at its eyes to find tenderness, company and hope to our destination.

Art talks about the other one, the creator, but it also tells us about ourselves, about what we carry in our minds and our hearts. The art seeks the permanence of the moments, the persistence that life nor human beings have.